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In the process of trial and At Sento, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation, offering our clients two key value propositions: Product Development and Prototyping Scaling. While the distinction may seem simple, the impact is profound.

Product Development: From Concept to Reality

The journey of product development is a captivating one, rich with variables that make it both intriguing and invaluable. We begin with an idea, and from there, we embark on a quest to materialize it. But how do we navigate this exciting journey?

1. Conceptualization and Prototyping: Crafting the Blueprint

The first phase involves understanding the problem at its core and determining if our proposed solution is the most effective. Here’s what we delve into:

  • The Big Picture: We examine the broader context in which the product will operate.
  • User Conditions: Understanding the environment in which users will interact with the product.
  • Identifying the Problem: Defining the specific issue our product aims to solve.
  • Functionality: Outlining the essential functions the product must deliver.

All this insight helps us shape the technological architecture required to bring our idea to life.

2. Prototyping: From Idea to Reality

From ideation and conceptualization, we transition into prototyping, where we construct a tangible model. Our rigorous approach involves rigorous testing, first within the controlled confines of our lab and then out in the field.

The crux of this phase lies in ensuring the product performs its primary function effectively. For instance, if it’s a chicken scale, its foremost task is measuring weight accurately – all other functions stem from this core capability.

When we take our prototypes to real-world settings, we recognize the subtle nuances that differentiate lab results from actual field performance. We scrutinize mechanical and physical aspects, considering factors like weight and light intensity, as they play pivotal roles in the product’s real-world effectiveness.

3. Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Proving Ground

Once we’ve honed our prototype, we introduce it to the market as an MVP. This is the ultimate litmus test, where the product interacts with users in a real-world context, proving its worth and value.

4. Product Definition and Scalability: The Future Beckons

As we progress, we contemplate the product’s trajectory. Where is it headed? What certifications are needed? What material adjustments are required to comply with the regulations of the target market? These questions guide us in refining and scaling the product.

A Continuous Journey

Our process doesn’t conclude definitively. Even when the product is on the market, we remain your trusted partner. Customer feedback becomes our laboratory, enabling us to evolve and innovate continuously.

At Sento, we’re not just creators; we’re partners in your journey of innovation, committed to turning your ideas into realities. With our holistic approach to product development and prototyping, we empower your vision to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of technology and industry.

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